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  • 2023-02-18

Development Projects

The development of thought and methodologies in planning, implementing and evaluating development projects in the past years. It is noted that the stages of development of thought and methodologies in financing development projects were as follows:

  1.  Emotion and human and religious motives
  2. Reliance on facts and data
  3. Determine needs and priorities
  4. Acknowledging rights and strengthening steadfastness
  5. Considering impact, sustainability and synergy
  6. Taking into account global issues such as climate change and the goals of sustainable development in general, as it is compatible with integrating global issues as central issues in development planning and financing.

There is no doubt that there are driving factors and influencing forces, both apparent and hidden, that also have an impact on all stages.

However, the stages may differ in terms of order and practice, depending on the reality, desires and goals set for the projects and sometimes emergency events. In addition, some phases may overlap or occur simultaneously.

In general, during all these phases, donors pay great attention and focus on the following issues:

  • Evaluating needs and setting priorities
  • Analysis and allocation of resources
  • National strategies and plans and institutional strategies
  • Quality project design and implementation plans
  • Engaging stakeholders and promoting participation
  • Increased interest in monitoring and evaluation processes

This arrangement places greater emphasis on the practical and data-driven aspects of development planning, starting with identifying needs and allocating resources. This is followed by conceptualization and strategy formulation, which includes developing a comprehensive project plan.

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