Projects Management and Evaluation

Evaluation of development projects and conducting assessments, mappings, baseline, endline, evaluation and impact studies.


Visioning and Strategic Planning

Developing business strategies, analyzing organization & business objectives & operations.


Innovation, Business Intelligence and Entrepreneurship

SMEs development, feasibility analysis, coaching, providing innovative e-solutions for organizations and entrepreneurs and start-ups.


Environmental and Social Studies

Environmental assessment studies, ESIA, ESMP, environmental and social auditing.

Key Qualifications and Strengths

The author of “Making a Strategy - Innovative Strategic Planning Tool” The author of “Concepts and Practices of M&E”

He has provided consulting services as (team leader /co-consultant) for local and international entities such as UNDP, UNIDO, USAID, World Bank, Mercy Corps, IRPAL, giz, SDC, EU, MDLF, CMWU, PWA, Save the Children, PADICO, TADWEER, CHF, CARITAS, AFD, DFID, Oxfam, Taawon, IDCO, NPA, DAI, WAC, Al-Fakhoora, Atfaluna, YEC, GCMHP, IUG, UCAS, ACTED, Enabel, Qatar Charity, and other organizations.


Strategy Making

The 1st edition of of (Making a Strategy) is published in Amman - Jordan in 2020. This book provides knowledge and equip the reader with guidelines and tools to prepare successful plans.

  • Evaluation of the Current Ecosystem
  • Designing the Strategic Plan
  • Plans Implementation, monitoring and Evaluation
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Monitoring and Evaluation Manual

The 1st edition of "Concepts and Practices of M&E" manual was published in 2022 in Kuwait. the Book presents the concepts and provides steps to establish and apply the M&E systems in the different organizations.

  • Concepts and Definitions
  • Types of M&E, Criteria and Indicators
  • Steps of Establishing M&E systems and Supporting Tools
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Sample Projects

Here is a sample of projects that have been completed in recent years for international institutions in the fields of planning, project management, M&E, and business development.


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